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Residential solar costs in Sarasota and beyond are lower than you might think! High-end systems start under $28,000 and can go up depending on the size of your home and other factors. With tax rebates of 26%, this is can bring your cost closer to $21,000 in the above scenario.

With new legislation passed, if your home requires a new, better roof to have solar installed on it because of age or deterioration – we can get you 26% back on the cost of your new roof too!

You can’t beat that, along with a 25 year warranty on panels and hardware, and a 5-year warranty on labor – we also carry a warranty most others don’t: Because our solar panels are Tier-1 – we guarantee the solar production power of those panels for 25 years! Many other solar outfits will sell you on a system that produces X amount of power, while it dramatically decreases over time. We give you Y, and guarantee Y amount for 25 years straight!

Also – your kilowatt-hour cost drops from 11c/hr to 9c/hr and that is locked in forever. As the energy companies raise their rates, they actually have to buy back energy from you at their new higher rates! Imagine that, energy companies paying you!

Residential solar costs in cities like Sarasota have decreased over time, and the federal tax credits make it even more affordable with a faster return on your investment than in the past. The costs versus instant increase in home value and low bills are a solid combination for homeowners.
What is a balanced solar system? A balanced solar energy system is one that takes into account your existing electrical usage and installs only what is really needed. Other companies just want to slap on as many panels as possible for more profit. One whole side of your roof may not even need panels even with sun exposure.
Costs for residential solar systems for the average 1500sq foot house can be close to $30,000 – and while we aren’t the cheapest in town, its definitely competitive and most others don’t have factory-trained installers. Federal tax credits also bring your overall cost down.
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